Could Jeff Okudah be this Years Defensive Rookie of the Year?

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With the 3rd pick in the NFL draft, the Detroit Lions selected the “defensive rookie of the year,” Jeff Okudah, from Ohio State. At least that’s what Lions fans are hoping to hear by the end of this season. But before we jump to conclusions, lets take a deeper look at why the rookie CB shows promise of becoming next years defensive rookie of the year.

Nobody can deny that Jeff Okudah was the best secondary player in college football last year. He simply dominated at Ohio State. Watch this video if you need a reminder of all the things Okudah can do on the field. He was so good that College football opponents just stopped throwing it to his side of the field.

These Jeff Okudah highlights show off some of his unique talents that every secondary coach in the NFL would love to work with. His ability to break on the ball and make a big a play each time is unrivaled among other corner-backs in this years draft. Okudah measures at 6’1 and 205 pounds, which is the exact prototype you want for the Lions defense that is known to be very physical in the backfield. In fact, Darius Slay the former star corner-back for the Lions, has very similar measurable’s and has been compared to Jeff Okudah during the entire draft process. Jeff Okudah should be able to replace him on week 1 without skipping a beat for the Lions and fill the corner-back one position immediately.

Okudah’s combine results were also good for his measurable’s. Running a 4.48 40-yard dash and a vertical jump of 41 inches is something wide-receivers shouldn’t overlook when facing him. Taking his combine results and pairing them up with his physicality and knowledge of the game is something that makes Jeff Okudah really standout for his position. The future star for the Lions is bound to make leaps this year with coach Patricia teaching the him the patriot way and who knows, maybe some rocket science as well.

All of people may think his success on the field was due to the second overall pick, Chase Young, and that Young is guaranteed to be this years defensive rookie of the year. But I beg to differ, Okudah has his own unique talents on the field. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly didn’t hurt to have Chase Young rushing the QB while Okudah was in the backfield taking advantage of the pass rush, but there is something to be said about how brilliantly he played all year against some fierce competition. Okudah has the tangibles that coaches can’t teach and will have plenty of playing time next year to show them off against some of the best QB’s in the NFL with the NFC North. Please, feel free to comment on whether you think Jeff Okudah will be this year’s defensive rookie of the year? If not, who would you pick to be this years defensive rookie of the year?

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