To Be or Not to Be? Will Mitch Trubisky be the Bears’ Starting QB Next Year?

Joe Bielawa / CC BY (
Joe Bielawa / CC BY (

After coming back from a 12-4 season record in 2018, the Chicago Bears had high expectations last year. It seemed they were on their way to being the NFC North champions once again, however things took a turn for the worst. The 2019 Season was a struggle from the get go: the offense lost all its chemistry and the defense didn’t make the big plays they did the year previously. In addition, the coaching seemed to become more predictable and lacked the creative usage for players, such as Trubisky, to thrive in. This left the Bears at a 5-11 losing record and Trubisky’s stats dipped a bit with a QB rating of 95.4 in 2018 to 83.0 in 2019. Even after all that being said, Mitch Trubisky’s career in Chicago is not entirely over in my opinion, but some may say otherwise.

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Between the Bears’ inability to make plays for Trubisky and his own shortcomings, last year season was lack luster. Thus, Trubisky needs to change some parts of his game to re-solidify his spot as the Chicago Bears franchise QB. With the news of the Nick Foles signing, Trubisky has some competition to face in the locker room. Nick Foles is known for winning the Eagles a Superbowl a couple years back against the undefeatable New England Patriots and then getting a big contract in free agency with Jacksonville. After suffering a severe injury that benched Foles most of the year in Jacksonville, he is ready to come back and start whipping some balls around the field. With Foles being healthy again, he has a very good shot in becoming the starter of the Bears for years to come. Thus, the Bears don’t seem sold on this Mitch Trubisky anymore and you can tell that by the recent news of them declining his 5th year option. However, the GM, Ryan Pace, has been quoted saying “We believe in Mitch” those actions don’t really back his words. So I guess who knows?

I still believe that Trubisky will be starting QB at the beginning of the season, but if he continues to struggle on the field, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fast turnaround at the starting QB position. Trubsiky will have to get back to his former self, and find that rhythm that made him very successful in 2018. Trubisky still has the talent. Next year, I think the coaching and team need to utilize his abilities better for him to return to his former stardom. If they do, then I believe the Bears still have their QB of the future. I want to hear what you think the Bears will end up doing? Is Trubisky still the Bears starting guy or are they moving on? Will Foles take over right away or later in the season? Please comment below Bears and NFC North fans!

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