Is Aaron Rodgers on the Move? Could Jordan Love be the Packers New Starting QB?

Daniel Hartwig / CC BY (
Daniel Hartwig / CC BY ( no changes made.

After watching the first round of the NFL Draft, there were two things that rocked my world. First, my wife and I had our first child 45 minutes before the draft started (!!!!) and second was the Packers’ trade up for their new franchise QB, Jordan Love. Now before you cheesehead fans out there start grinding you teeth about this pick, lets look at some of the positives this draft choice could bring for Green Bay’s future.

Aaron_Rodgers_to_Jordy_Nelson.jpg: Scott Catronderivative work: Lpdrew / CC BY-SA ( no changes made.

That YouTube video should have excited you about your new guy at center. Some of those throws he makes reminds me of Rodgers himself. But, Love has a long way to go before he will be your franchise QB in Green Bay. First, he needs to back pedal toward his former self. In 2018, Love threw for 32 touchdowns and 6 interceptions with an average of 158.3 QB rating. That is a very good year for college football but in 2019, he took a step back with 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions with an average of 129.1 rating. He also will be facing much stiffer competition in the NFL compared to the Mountain West conference in college, so he has some growing to do.

Just because 2019 was rocky, doesn’t mean Love wasn’t a good pick. It just means he needs some time to reevaluate his craft and develop his skills over time. If he can learn how to slow the game down like Rodgers did behind Farve, the potential is there, espcecially since Love’s weaknesses include poor coverage interpretation and being to forcful with ball progression. If he can mirror Rodger’s field decisions and learn the scheme in Green Bay well, then he has a real shot at being the Packers future franchise QB.

Mike Morbeck / CC BY-SA ( no changes made.

Love struggles just like the best of them, but has plenty of potential and has already been compared to greats like Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes. If he even resembles one of these two franchise QB’s, then the packers are in good shape. Plus, there is no rush in starting Love, so he has the benefit of learning from Rodgers. So, before you Packer fans go about yoru day thinking Aaron Rodgers is purchasing a one way ticket out of Green Bay, think again. I predict, Rodgers will at least be the Packers franchise QB for the next 2-3 years. Please comment below on how you feel about the pick? Do you feel Jordan Love is Packers next franchise QB?

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