Will Green Bay Match 2019’s Winning Record?

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In 2019, Green Bay ended the season with an amazing 13-3 record: sweeping the division for the first time since 2011, winning their 19th division, and owning the 10th NFC North title. Their opponents have a combined record from last year of 128-126-2 which is a 0.504-win percentage.

                Green Bay’s 2020 schedule  (https://www.packers.com/schedule/) has been released and ranks as the NFL’s 15th hardest schedule, but yet the easiest in the NFC North. The Packers are sandwiched between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens at 0.537% and 0 .438%, respectively, in the NFL.

The opponent win percentage for each NFC North schedule is listed below from hardest to easiest:

  • 5th overall Detroit at 0.525%
  • 10th overall Minnesota at 0.516% (tied with L.A. Rams)
  • 13th overall Chicago at 0.508% (tied with Seattle)
  • 15th overall Green Bay at 0.504%

Green Bay is one of the top T.V markets in the NFL and will join the Broncos, Eagles, Steelers, Chargers, Bears, 49ers, and Giants this year with the most primetime games topping out at number five. Two of those games will be at home with three away. This is like last year when the Packers had six primetime games in which they went 4-2.

JL1Row / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) No changes made.

My 2020 Predictions for the Green Bay Packers:

  • Sept. 13th @Minnesota – Win
    • Green Bay has held the edge over Minnesota the last two years with a 2-1-1 record not to mention Minnesota’s offensive line issues and recent loss of numerous defensive players.  On top of that, they also lost Stefon Diggs, their top offensive target. I’m predicting the Packers continue their current active streak for the most week 1 game wins (tied with Chiefs) and get their 6th in 2020.  
  • Sept. 20th Detroit – Win
    • A duo known for close games regardless of how the other team’s season is going. The last two years have been split with a 2-2 record. Last year, Green Bay won both games by a combined 4 points and I’m predicting the Pack pull out a close one for their 2020 home opener.
  • Sept. 27th@New Orleans – Loss
    • The Saints are an offensive explosion in the Superdome and the Packers haven’t won since 1995.
  • Oct. 5th Atlanta – Win
    • The Falcons haven’t been the same since they lost the super bowl in 2016. Gurley should help this year, but not enough to pull through.
  • Bye: Week 5
    • Early this year, which may be a blessing or curse depending on injuries and any other unforeseen problems that may arise. 
  • Oct. 18th @Tampa Bay – Win
    • Brady will help Tampa’s offense, but not enough to make up for their defense. Rodgers gets the win here, in a close win with Brady vs Rodgers head-to-head record (currently 1-1).
  • Oct. 25th @Houston – Win
    • Houston has done more to hurt themselves than help in the offseason. Plus, the absence of Hopkins and a shaky D. Aaron thrashes them.
  • Nov. 1st Minnesota – Win
    • I think the Vikings are going to have a tough year, which could bring the end to Mike Zimmer’s reign as head coach.
  • Nov. 5th @San Francisco – Loss
    • Green Bay’s defense hasn’t done enough in the offseason to combat the 49ers offense.
  • Nov. 15thJacksonville – Win
    • The Jags kind of disappeared last year and are still looking for their QB. Will Gardner Minshew be the savior they have been looking for? Doubtful and with the Packers improved run game, they take the W.  
  • Nov. 22nd @Indianapolis – Loss
    • This one is tough, especially considering Indy’s big acquisitions in the offseason.
  • Nov. 29th Chicago – Win
    • The Bears defensive troubles from last year will follow them into 2020 and who can forget about heir QB? Foles lost his job to a rookie, Minshew, last year and even if he beats out Trubisky, I doubt the improvement is substantial.
  • Dec. 6th Philadelphia – Win
    • Like last year, a predict a close one. Both teams are playoff bound and I think this is going to be a back and forth game. I think Rodgers has a personal mission to make up for the game ending interception he threw last year.  
  • Dec. 13th @Detroit – Loss
    • The Lions most likely will be out of playoff contention by this point or hanging on by a thread, but I think they muster up enough offense for the win. 
  • Dec. 20th Carolina – Win
    • Considering Carolina’s defensive losses, the Pack won’t have a problem.
  • Dec. 27th Tennessee – Win
    • The Packers head coach gets to face one of his teachers and former employers in this match. AJ Dillon will get the W for the Pack as they probably drafted this kid for such frigid Wisconsin weather   
  • Jan. 3rd @Chicago – Win
    • Like last year, the Windy City will have given up by this point and the Green Bay backups will roll out to prepare for the playoffs.
JL1Row / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) No changes made.

 Overall, I doubt Green Bay will match last season’s record of 14-3. My guess would be closer to a respectable 12-4 record, which is good enough to win the NFC North title and clinch that playoff spot.  

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on the Packer’s 2020 year.

Thanks for Reading.

Written June 16, 2020 by Micah Thorp

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