NFC North Fantasy “Dream Team”

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After watching episode 5 of the documentary “The Last Dance” on ESPN, it inspired me create an NFC North Fantasy “Dream Team.” The players on this list may not have the stardom compared to Brett Favre, Barry Sanders, etc, but could potentially give you bragging rights in your 2020 fantasy leagues. The picks below are for a standard starting lineup with one bench player per position.

(Spoiler Alert: some of these players may end up falling out of fantasy draft boards)


  1. Aaron Rodgers (Starter)- most fantasy points in last year’s NFC North fantasy league quarterbacks. Rodgers’ success will likely continue through this year with fellow star teammates, Jones and Adams, cultivating Superbowl bound offense. I think Rodgers has the urge to show the Packers it was a mistake to draft Jordan Love in the first round. Such a draft pick ignites Rodgers year for fantasy owners and blows up the stat books. I predict Rodgers to go mid rounds.
  2. Matthew Stafford (Bench)- consistent high scorer with an abrupt end caused by a back-tailbone fracture: this year will be his comeback. He also should have a nice one two punch in the backfield to make the offense less predictable this year. Although the Lions record wasn’t the greatest last year, the offense showed explosiveness with Stafford at the head and should have a breakout year for fantasy leagues. I think you could possibly get Stafford at the end of most fantasy drafts producing great value.
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Running Backs:

  1. Dalvin Cook (Starter – life blood of the Vikings offense. His ability to make plays on the field every time he gets the ball makes defensive coordinators cower. He ran for a total of 1,135 yds and 13 TD’s last year making him among the top-ranking fantasy running backs. The holdout could make Cook drop down the fantasy board a bit: making him a major steal in any fantasy league.
  2. Aaron Jones (Starter) – Jones broke into his own last year running for 1,084 yds and 16 TD’s, not to mention being a weapon for Rodgers to dump off passes. At age 25, Jones is going into his fourth year revamped from a tough loss from the 49ers in the playoffs. He should have his best fantasy year yet though with the Packers being the favorite to win the conference. You’ll most likely see Jones going very early in the first round of your drafts, so snag him when you can.
  3. D’Andre Swift (Bench)- Swift is a powerful, fast running back looking to carry the Detroit Lions on his shoulders this year. He has the potential to turn the conference upside down and have a breakout rookie season. Swift has a combination of speed and power that could make him a three down back someday. The link below shows you Swift’s genetics, which undoubtedly give him an edge.
Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA ( No changes made.

Wide Receiver:

  1. Davante Adams (Starter)- When you watch Rodgers looking to throw the ball down the field, his eyes are constantly looking for Adams, every time. Adams dominates his position making him a consistent choice each year for fantasy owners. With Rodgers trying to earn his keep, you’re going to see Adams’ stats come close to his 2018 season where he had 1,386 yds with 13 TD’s. I see Adams getting drafted in the first two rounds.
  2. Adam Thielen (Starter)- if he can stay healthy this year, there’s no doubt he is one of NFC Norths best players for his position. Thielen is especially effective in PPR leagues due to his high reception count each year. He also doesn’t have to share catches with Stefon Diggs anymore, so expect to see Cousins searing out Thielen. I think Thielen will get drafted in the second or third round.
  3. Kenny Golladay (Bench)- Lions fans if your upset I said Golladay is a bench player for fantasy, you have every right to be. Golladay will be on many fantasy starting lineups this year after the season he had last year. Golladay statistically had more yards and TD’s then Adams and Thielen did last year even with Stafford out for half the season, thus I think Golladay will have allot of double coverage this year. We will see what happens, but I think Golladay gets drafted in the third to fourth round.
Kevind810 / CC BY-SA ( No changes made.

Tight Ends:

  1. T.J Hockenson (Starter)- showed promise at the end of the year for the Lions. The first-round pick last year had some pretty explosive games and is looking to make that a consistent theme this year. I believe Hockenson can be one of NFL’s top tight ends if he stays healthy and continues to become a prominent player on the Lions offense. I think Hockenson will get drafted in the later rounds, potentially even the last round in your fantasy draft if the stars align just right.
  2. Irv Smith Jr. (Bench) – technically a Vikings backup behind Rudolph, but with Kubiak’s offense, you’re going to see allot of two tight end formations similar to last year. With Smith’s ability to be a receiving tight end in the Vikings offense, this could be a big reward for fantasy owners (especially since I don’t think most fantasy owners will draft him even in the last round of the draft and will end up picking him up in the free agency wire). It’s a matter of time when you we see Smith’s fantasy stats start to take over Kyle Rudolph’s.
Fox Sports / CC BY-SA ( No changes made.


  1. Minnesota Vikings (Starter)- Vikings scored the highest fantasy points last year for any NFC North defense with the help from their coach, Mike Zimmer. People may think that losing players like Rhodes, Joseph, and Wayne’s this year is going to really hurt the Minnesota defense, but I don’t think it will be as impactful as most think. Last year, Vikings’ starting players in the secondary were mostly hurt all year, including their big man, Linval Joseph. Despite the struggle to keep their players healthy, the Vikings defense still put up a fight against opposing offenses. This year, the defense is much younger, and they replaced Joseph with Veteran defensive tackle, Michael Pierce, to clog the middle. They also drafted a couple of promising candidates to support the backfield with possible starting roles. Zimmer always finds a way to solidify his defense to be the backbone of his team. I think Vikings defense will end up getting taken towards the end of most fantasy drafts.
  2. Chicago Bears (Bench)- If the Bears defense has the same success, they did in 2018, then all other defenses in the NFC North have no chance to match the points they could get you in fantasy leagues. The problem with this pick is the offense doesn’t allow them to stay off the field long enough to be as effective as they should be. We will see if the Bears defense can return to their former self, including Khalil Mack wreaking the NFC North. The Bears won’t be drafted in most leagues but could be a major pick up in the free agency wire if Nagy can get that offense going again this year.
LaDanian1000000 / CC BY-SA ( No changes made.


  1. Mason Crosby- played 13 seasons with the Packers and has always been a solid fantasy choice for kickers. He’s usually ice proof when the game is on the line and has chances to score extra points with the Packers high scoring offense. Matt Prater might be good here too because he scored the most points for fantasy football in the NFC North, but that also could be due to Lions not being able to score touchdowns with Stafford being out last year.
Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA ( No changes made.

Please share, like, or comment on who your fantasy “Dream Team” would be for this year. Let us know who you think are some NFC North diamonds in the rough this year.  
Feel free to share any funny stories or trophies your leagues have each year!  

Thanks for reading.

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One thought on “NFC North Fantasy “Dream Team”

  1. Great article! I think I might add Tarik Cohn to the rbs if it’s a ppr league instead of swift. I’d also say Allen Robinson might deserve to be on the wr list. My diamonds in the rough for nfc north are Cole Kmet and/or Jase Sternberger.


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