The Founding Father’s: A Brief Look Into Each NFC North Team Beginnings

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Lions History-The Portsmouth Spartans started in 1928, when local residents funded a team stadium to be built in their city of Portsmouth, Ohio. The team was eventually accepted to NFL two years later in 1930. After fours years of continued success, the team still struggled to bring in enough revenue to keep things afloat. That’s when George A. Richards, decided to buy the team in 1934 for 8,000 dollars, and moved them to Detroit. George renamed his team the Lions and found early success winning the 1935 NFL Championship Game. He is also the reason why the Detroit Lions traditionally play every year on thanksgiving day.

Spartan home-field Spongefan / Public domain

Packers History– The great Earl “Curly” Lambeau was the founder of what we know today as the Green Bay Packers. In 1919, Lambeau found a way to fund his team through his current employer, the Indian Packer Company in exchange for its team to be named after its sponsor. The Packers eventually joined the American Professional Football Association (now known as the NFL today) in 1921. Green Bay still holds the record for the most championships than any other football team and is the longest lasting NFL team to stay in just one city. They are also the only team that is publicly owned by thousands of Green Bay Packers fans today.

Earl “Curly Lambeau” Unknown author / Public domain

Bears History- The Chicago Bears started their roots in Decatur, Illinois where A.E. Staley food starch company owned a team called the Decatur Staleys. The company ended up giving full control to employee’s George Halas and Edward Sternaman. Halas played a major role in the creation of the American Professional Football Association and by 1921 won the teams first championship. Halas decided to move the team to Chicago and now had them playing at Wrigley Field, and would so for nearly 50 years. In 1922, he changed the team from the Staleys to the Chicago Bears to reflect the hosting team the Chicago Cubs.

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Vikings History- The Minnesota Vikings got it’s roots from a team called the Minneapolis Marines, that started all the way back in 1904 but ended in 1924 due to WWI and the lack of support after having consecutive losing seasons between 1921-1924. There was a resurgence in in 1929 when the they re-branded the team the Red Jackets, but yet again weren’t able to keep the team funded and ended up folding its franchise. It wasn’t till 30 years later in 1959, when H.P. Skoglund, Bill Boyer, and Max Winter created the team we now know today as the Minnesota Vikings. The team finally joined the NFL in 1961, after leaving the AFL to become the NFL’s 14th franchise.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the beginnings of all you favorite NFC North teams. Please share below some of your favorite memories of your team over the years! Happy Fourth of July from NFC North News.

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