Rashan Gary Beast, Bust, or Still Needs More Time?

While watching the 2019 NFL Draft, I was surprised and felt little underwhelmed when the Packers took Rashan Gary with the 12th overall pick, the highest pick they have had since 2009. Gary standing 6’4” 277 Lbs. tested out with 4.58 seconds in the 40-yard dash, 4.29 seconds in the 20-yard shuttle, 7.26 seconds in the three-cone drill, 38 in. vertical jump, 10 ft. broad jump, and 26 reps in the bench-press. With those great numbers I was and still am hopeful that Gary can be a difference maker. Rashan Gary played defensive end most of his college career at Michigan.

Maize & Blue Nation / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0) No Changes Made.

Since coming to Green Bay, he has been moved around the defensive line as well as playing outside linebacker. Gary was limited his first year playing only 23.5% of the defensive snaps. He did not set the league on fire with his 21 tackles, 3 tackles for a loss, and 2 sacks in 2019. Gary played behind the Smith Brothers and Kyler Fackrell last year, which limited his production. Rashan should get more playing time in 2020 due to outside linebacker Kyler Fackrell leaving for the New York Giants in free agency. Fackrell played 400 snaps last year and those will now be up for grabs. Coach Pettin has also talked about wanting to keep the Smith brothers fresh this year by having a healthy rotation, which could mean more opportunities for Gary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSxI__tNibY&t=52s

Bohao Zhao / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0) No Changes Made.

I could see some potential in Gary while watching him on the field last year. He has an amazing bull rush move with the strength to push his man anywhere he wanted him to go. He also never seemed to give up on plays using his sub 4.6 forty speed to track down the play from behind. A negative I noticed was Gary seemed to only have the one pass rush move, the bull rush. If Rashan can learn some more moves such as the rip, swim, swat, and/or speed rush I think he could really do some damage. With Rashan being a first round pick he will most likely have 2 years to show the Packers that he is a difference maker. I believe if he does not take a big step this year, we can throw him into the bust category. Being mentioned with previous Packer first round busts like Daytone Jones, Tony Mandarich, and Justin Harrell. I think we must give Gary at least one more year before we label him as a bust. I am rooting for Gary and I believe he will take advantage of the extra playing time this year and take a big leap in 2020. I would love to hear your thoughts on Rashan Gary. Is he a bust, beast, or should we give him more time?

Thanks for reading!

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