The Chicago Bears Top 3 Training Camp Battles

With all the players set to report to training camp today, here are the top three position groups to watch for during the Chicago Bears training camp.

Tight End – Chicago just released veteran Ben Braunecker and Adam Shaheen was just traded to the Dolphins for a 6th-7th round pick next year. The Bears have a total of 7 tight ends on the roster: Eric Saubert, Cole Kmet, Jesper Horsted, J.P. Holtz, Demetrius Harris, Jimmy Graham, and Darion Clark. Cole Kmet was drafted this year with their first pick in the second round out of Notre Dame. I believe Kmet may just win the starting job or at least get the number two spot behind free agency acquisition Jimmy Graham. Jimmy has been a great tight-end over his 11-year career but has shown signs of aging. He had a few flashes of his old self last year, but I believe that it will not be enough to hold off the talented Cole Kmet. This should be a great battle for the tight-end position, and it will be interesting to see who gets the remaining roster spots after Cole and Jimmy.

Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA ( No changes made.

Quarterback – Chicago let go of Chase Daniel and traded the Jacksonville Jaguars a 4th round pick for Nick Foles. The Bears currently have three QB’s on their roster: Nick Foles, Tyler Bray, and Mitchell Trubisky. The big question in Chicago is can Trubisky improve this year and hold off Foles for the starting spot? This is going to be the most intense battle in training camp for the Bears this year. Tyler Bray will most likely be the third string quarterback especially since there will be no preseason this year. Trubisky had a tough year last year finishing 2019 with a 39.5 QBR which was 28th in the NFL according to ESPN. Foles last year was injured in his first game as Jaguars starting QB with a broken clavicle. He later returned as the starter for two games when he was benched for the rookie Minshew halfway through a game pushing him out the exit door in Jacksonville. Personally, I do not think Foles will be much of an improvement over Trubisky. I believe Trubisky will get the start and will be replaced by Foles around week 4 or 5.

Tennessee Titans / CC BY ( No changes made.

Wide Receiver – Chicago currently has 12 wide receivers on the roster: Javon Wims, Alex Wesley, Ahmad Wagner, Allen Robinson II, Ridley Ridley, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darnell Mooney, Anthony Miller, Thomas Ives, Ted Ginn Jr., Trevor Davis, and Reggie Davis. Chicago has a lot of young talent here at the position and the number one spot will undoubtedly go to Allen Robinson II who has been Chicago’s number one offensive threat for the last couple years. Chicago has been trying to add speed to their receiver room with the additions of Trevor Davis, Ted Ginn Jr., and the rookie Darnell Mooney. I think Anthony and Ted will fight over the number 2nd wide receiver spot with Anthony taking a step forward this year and snagging the spot leaving Ted to fight with Mooney, Patterson, and Ridley for snaps as the third/slot receiver. Trevor Davis might make the roster, but I am guessing he is going to have a hard time making the roster along with the rest of the wide receivers mentioned above.

Jeffrey Beall / CC BY ( No changes made.

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