Craig Shea-Website Creator, Journalist, Editor, and King of NFC North News.

Website Creator and King of NFC North News

Growing up in the Midwest, I knew the NFL had some of the most diverse and loyal fans right here in the great lakes states. My family were all fans of NFC North teams and lets just say it kept life interesting. Although the rivalry in the family was strong, we always looked forward to watching and talking about our favorite teams together. That’s when I had a vision to create a website that focused on only NFC North blogs and allowed NFL’s greatest fans to participate in an immersive online community, where their VOICE will always be heard. Thanks for visiting and welcome to NFC North News, All News Related to NFC North.

Micah Thorp-Expert Analyst and Blogger for NFC North News

Expert Analysis and Blogger for NFC North News

Hello, my name is Micah Thorp and I am born and raised in Wisconsin. I shared NFC North News vision of a place where people can come together to learn and talk about the black and blue division. Sharing stats and ideas for your favorite teams and of course a little good ole fashioned trash talk between rivalry fans is great. I have loved football ever since I can remember and will never forget going to Lambeau Field with my father and then later taking my son to his first game. I watch the Green Bay Packers every year through the ups and the downs. I love that sports offer a fun distraction from all the ridiculousness in the world today and can bring together thousands of people. Not to mention all the valuable lessons football teaches us. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from readers about their thoughts and ideas.

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